About Us


Providing keys to leaders that facilitate the spiritual, emotional and physical restoration of their broken communities

Square Ministries is a powerful resource for isolated leaders who have experienced trauma or may be in the midst of a crisis situation.

The restoration of Israel is our highest priority. This is best achieved by practicing what we are learning in other communities.

We Offer:

  • Prayer
  • Lay Counsel
  • Leadership Consultation
  • Inner Healing
  • Prophetic intercession
  • Restoring the Foundations Ministry

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About The Founder

Square Ministries was founded by Darcy Lagana, a victorious overcomer of PTSD brought on through injustice in the legal system and the separation from her son.

Her goal of healing and restoration was received through her own journey of fasting, prayer and learning to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. She attended a meeting with Randy Clark of Global Awakening and received an impartation about Israel and a promise for the restoration that would happen in her life. This was the defining moment where God seeded Square Ministries in her life.

Past Ministry Assignments

  • Associate Pastor – of Praise Chapel, Rivermouth, Waimea
  • Executive Producer of Highways Ministries
  • Camera Operator for World Revival Church on Daystar Television Network
  • Event Coordinator for K-LOVE and Air 1 Radio
  • Kauai Representative for the Toward Jerusalem Council II

When not being a world leader, Darcy may be found

  • Scrubbing the floors at Makanalani kids camp
  • Dancing on a boat on the Sea of Galilee
  • At a pie eating contest
  • Hiking a trail on a Kauai Mountain
  • Drinking a cup of French press coffee

Our Leadership

Bret Lagana is the treasurer of Square Ministries. As a father and builder of custom log homes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, he oversees all construction projects for the ministry.

Steve Gilmore is a Pastor of Our Redeemer Covenant Church and Chaplain at Curran-Seeley rehabilitation. He is the Vice-Chair of the board.

Darcy Lagana Darcy Lagana is the Chairman of the board and founder of Square Ministries.